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Animated Video Creation

Animated Video

In this individual course, I will show you the complete “step by step” instructional layout of how I created the $50 animated video that so far has generated over $100,000 in sales. Animated video is powerful, especially with the right message. I have even created animated videos to promote multi-million dollar beach homes…

This individual lesson plan is the complete animated video course!

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

In this individual course, I will show you how to completely optimize a video!  Want your video to be at the top of the search engines including YouTube?  There are only a few steps that must be done each time.  Knowledge is Power!  Learn these steps and your videos will be seen! This course is packed with SEO secrets with how to rank videos online…

My expertise is ranking videos!  Want to know my secrets? This individual Video Marketing lesson plan is powerful!

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

In this individual course, I will show you the importance of identifying the correct keywords to go after.  The fact is 95% of keyword research is done incorrectly as the wrong keywords are targeted.  I will show you the importance of going after the “Exact Keyword Phrase” using some free online tools that will help target the right audience… Want your content to be found on the Internet?  This lesson plan is probably the most important individual course you need to purchase!

  • Know the difference between short and long tail keywords?
  • Exact Keyword Phrases “vs” Broad Keyword Phrases – BIG difference, most errors made here
  • Plus so much more…

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

In this individual course, I go behind the scenes with simple little facebook hacks that will help your content go viral. FACT: Most people post wrong on facebook!  FACT: Paid advertising on facebook is very expensive if you don’t know what you are doing! FACT: If you are promoting your product or BIZ opportunity, there is a right way and a wrong way!  Attract the right audience and you will get results…

This course is packed with everything you need to know about facebook Marketing!